Download Instander old version [Last Five Versions]

Instander old version

Instander APK is a well know social application with premium features. Users can download media with single click. It also provide advance privacy setting and many other features. Read about Instander old versions features and download latest version also.

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Instander Old Versions

Instander 18.0 beta

  • Addition of silent notification features in the status bar.
  • Download split media into subfolders.
  • Download original file.
  • Download media via Wi-Fi option.
  • Addition of download button to the feed.
  • Addition of copy button in feed and stories.
  • Addition of translate button in feed and stories.
  • Change the look and feel of the app with dynamic colors.

Instander 17.2

  • Addition of new Monet theme for Android 12+. You may also disable this theme.
  • Fixed issues appeared on some devices regarding feed loading.
  • Also resolve reels download button.
  • Fixed new fonts like Alte & Hoefler.
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.
  • Addition of new feature; 60 sec stories.
  • Resolve download button option on three dot menu.
  • Also fixed Mobile Config updater.
  • Migration to Instagram version
  • Addition of reels scrubber as new feature.
  • A badge allocation when watching a live.
  • Added new fonts to stories.
  • A new feature of translations into different languages: Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, Turkish.
  • Removed Monet theme for SDK 31+.
  • Removed video scrubber feature.
  • Removed Mark as read.
  • Removed Instander Backup Settings.
  • Removed Download button in feed (Now the download button is only in the three dots menu).
  • Removed message when connecting to the Live in Ghost Mode.
  • Removed long-press and triple-press gestures.

Instander 16.0

  • Migration to Instagram version
  • Color scheme was added for Monet theme supported for Android 12+.
  • Animated Splash feature for Android 12+.
  • Added Themed Icon for Android 13+.
  • A new feature of In-app lock for beta.
  • Addition of 60 second stories.
  • Developer mode decoder addition (MobileConfig).
  • Addition of new Instadner Sans font (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, Persians support).
  • Addition of download button to the three dots menu.
  • Added hide “Download feed button”.
  • Addition of selective biography in profile.
  • New Instander menu style.
  • Redesigned of all toast messages.
  • Fixed Auto OTA feature. Now the progress dialog is not displayed when you open the application.
  • Added Spanish language.

Instander 15.4

  • Rebase to Instagram
  • Addition of link sticker.
  • Addition of add your sticker.
  • “Video scrubber” is forced on.
  • Remove “Video scrubber” option.
  • Temporarily not added “Mark as read”.
  • Temporarily not added download IGTV.
  • Removal of some payment systems due to the blocking restrictions from the list of donations.

Final Words

Finally, we discussed the latest and instander old versions with updated features. You can download instander old version and enjoy social media app and share your photos, videos, reels, stories and old memories with love ons.

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